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Hair clippers and trimmers are electric devices which can be seen from everywhere in barber. They work on the same principle like scissors and razors but are not all the same. It’s acknowledged that hair clippers are so important to barbers-choosing the right hair clippers, as a barber, is considered most critical and a must-know for professionals. Therefore, Homebeauty has a wide range of serials for barbers and stylists to choose from. It’s a must-have for any stylist.

We do understand what element do professional stylist want of a hair clipper:

It seems that when the blade is not sharp, the clipper can tear and rip each hair follicle when they are working, which can cause a great hurt, therefore,  it’s of great importance to lubricate blade frequently. Our blades are examined strictly by our QC team, and every steel blade is under special treatments to stay away from rust. While the current dynamics, driven from global trends, shows that there will be a great demand for ceramic blade and titanium blade in Asia. Those two blades are popularized and developed by the technology so far. The ceramic blade stays sharp forever(sharper and harder than the steel one), being friendly to human skin and never get rust. While the titanium blade has a longer life and is more wear-resisting, heat-resisting than those normal ones. They lead the trend in Asia. Aside from the motor, the material of blade used is important as well. 
Nowadays, you will see stainless steel, carbon steel and all types of steel used to create those blades. High-carbon steel blades often self-sharpening so if you want to keep maintenance at a minimum this might be the one for you.

Long-term use

We know that stylists and barbers use clippers all day, so we use efficient copper motor as our engine, which also indicates why our products have a long life and low noise. The professional hair clippers acquire reputation and trust for us.

Parts replacement

The blade or the battery of most our products can be replaced. Stylists can replace some parts when it is urgent.

Cutting length

When choosing a right hair clippers, people will always check the types of different lengths. There are models that can range from 0.5-1.0 mm of our corded hair clipper, but the minimum size of most models in the market usually starts at 3 mm, which may or may not be enough for some people's hair needs, so it always make sense to verify this before purchasing a hair clipper, so that you can make sure that the clipper is able to produce the ideal hairstyle.
Another important factor to note is the length of the attachment guard, including with hair clipper. In general, hairdressing are equipped with various sizes of attachment guards, equipped with the clippers, allowing artist and barbers to change the length of the hair with ease.
The size of these guards may be different depending on different brand, but the good news is that we can change the length for cutting because we are the hair clipper manufacturer.


When choosing the best haircut tools, it is important to know what kind of power the motor will bring, as this will eventually give you a feeling on how good the hair clippers will be.
Some people say that the more powerful the motor is, the better cut it gives. While there are some phenomenon which will happen to all the motors. In general, electronic clippers are made of three types of motors - universal, rotary and pivot. The general motor is simple- it is a motor on AC and DC.
The rotating motor has an even power and blade speed. This means that its power and blade speed is basically the same. This type of motor machine for cutting can make the variety very flexible. The pivot motor has a higher power but has a lower blade speed. By understanding the type of trimmer motor, you will be able to determine what its main function is and be able to make a better decision.

Your choice

There are many hair clippers for you to choose in the market, such as waterproof hair clippers, cordless, corded, and many other options. Your ideal clippers will depend on your personal requirements. So once you decide what type of blade you need and what type of blade you are ready to spend and then the choice only matters on right style, features and functions.
Having said that, we understand that choosing the best male barber may be a challenge due to the wide range of brands and models available on the market. To help you make the right decision, we are doing the necessary research by reviewing a series of hair clipper to make our own products more competitive.The size of these guards may be different depending on different brand, but the good news is that we can change the length for cutting because we are the hair clipper manufacturer.

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