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The secret of battery of cordless hair clipper

Well, it's acknowledged that battery is such a key factor of cordless hair clipper in this industry. How to choose a rechargeable item with the right battery depends on the real situation. Usually, there are three types of batteries of cordless hair clipper- NI-CD battery, NI-MH battery and Lithium battery. In this article, you will learn pros and cons of each option. 

1. NI-CD battery            

Pros :
NI-CD battery is made by metal container, so it's hard and solid, which can perform well under harsh environment like high temperature. Compared to other two batteries, its production requirement is not that strict and the cost is really low. Its inside resistance is small, which means that it can be available for large current discharge. As a DC supply battery, it would be a nice choice to meet DC current. In daily life,  NI-CD battery can be seen in almost every inexpensive cordless hair clipper. It's commercial for occasional use and its life time is around 500 times charge and discharge.

The energy and voltage of NI-CD battery is low.  It provides far less energy than Lithium battery when the hair clipper is working. Meanwhile, it has memory effected, which effects the run time of NI-CD battery after a long-term use. The bottom line is that NI-CD battery will cause a great metal pollution, which is eliminated by some developed countries in an early time. If a hair clipper or a trimmer is equipped with a NI-CD battery, mostly their charging time should be 8 hours because they have to be slowly charged due to no basic battery protection.  

2. NI-MH battery    

Pros : 
is like second generation of NI-CD battery.  NI-MH battery can and should be charged from any discharge state. Its life time is around 800 times charge and discharge. It also has more electricity capacity than NI-CD battery. NI-MH battery is environment-friendly and do not have memory effect as NI-CD do, so choosing NI-MH battery as a clipper battery is a choice for good quality.

Cons :

Low voltage, low energy density and cost higher than NI-CD battery. Beside, NI-MH battery has to be slowly charged in 8 hours due to no basic battery protection.

3. Lithium battery       

Pros :
It seems that lithium battery is the best battery so far in human race, let alone in industry of hair clippers. Lithium battery has high energy density, which has almost two times energy than NI-CD and NI-MH battery. Lithium battery has high voltage and its average voltage is around 3.6v(NI-MH and NI-CD batteries are only 1.2v). The battery can stand a high capacity and our biggest lithium capacity designed for our cordless hair clipper is 2600mAh so far. Additionally, it can perform well from a wild range degree: from -20℃ to 60℃. It also has a longer life than NI-CD and NI-MH- it can be used for at least two years. Unlike NI-MH and NI-CD batteries, lithium batteries are always equipped with battery protection, which means that they can be allowed to quickly charging. A cordless hair clipper with 2000mAh lithium battery can be fully charged within 3 hours. That's where the biggest difference lies.

Cons :
There is only one con of lithium batteries, they are always expensive. ☺

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